Andrew J. Stone’s The Mortuary Monster

Brian Evenson calls The Mortuary Monster “An odd and provocative book, and a seriously audacious debut.”


We at Rooster Republic couldn’t agree more, so it’s our good fortune that we’re able to publish this tale, and we hope you enjoy it, too.

The easiest way to describe Andrew J. Stone’s debut novella is that “It’s CORPSE BRIDE meets ERASERHEAD” but it is also much more than that. It is the relationship of fathers to their sons, filtered through the prism of phantasmagorical, dark fantasy. The horrors don’t come about because of the character’s monstrous facades, but because of who they are inside.


We put together The Mortuary Monster (with a gorgeous cover by Luke Spooner) especially for BizarroCon 2016, and response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. Brian Allen Carr says that it “hits like a Hammer film,” which is high praise in the horror community.

And earlier this month, Mortuary Monster had a book-release party in Los Angeles. Other fan favorites, like Laura Lee Barr, Anthony Trevino, and David Agranoff were also in attendance.


So, what better way to celebrate the holiday than to pick up this celebration of birth, death, and everything in between and every after?

You can pick up this haunting novella by clicking this link


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