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So, this site will stick around for just a little bit longer . . .

When we first picked up Rooster Republic from its previous owner, we thought that Rooster and Strangehouse and New Kink each needed their own site and content. Two years later, we realize that we were fucking nuts for attempting that nonsense. New Kink’s site is all ready long gone. This one will hit the chopping block, sooner or later.

To rectify, we have elected to move all the content across the various sites to the Rooster Republic website.

It’ll be easier, and sexier, that way.

Eventually, this site will become a handsome memory, but until then strangehouseonline will continue to haunt this little corner of the interwebs.


4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House: Author Q&A

Madeleine Swann’s 4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House is now available in both print and Kindle (free on Kindle through Kindle Unlimited). This is Madeleine’s newest title, after her short story collection, The Filing Cabinet of Doom, her novella, Rainbows Suck, which was part of the Eraserhead Press “New Bizarro Author Series,” in 2015, and her entry in the New Kink line, Taken Hard at the Magical Time Travel Sex Resort.

If I were put on the spot, I’d describe Madeleine’s work as “malicious whimsy.” Her stories are fun, and usually contain heightened fantasy, but there is always a dark streak to the events as the stories unfold. If you read Rainbows Suck, then you know what I mean.

And 4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House follows that tradition.

Strangehouse Books is thrilled to have Madeleine on our growing roster of talented authors, and we hope you enjoy the book!

As is our ritual, we shall now dive into our author Q&A, and learn a little bit about this Madeleine Swann, including her favorite kind of pizza, which Mighty Boosh character she would choose to be, and what book inspired her love of writing…

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Love For Slaughter is now live!

new releases

Sara Tantlinger’s debut collection of poetry, Love For Slaughter, is now live on Amazon in both print (link)and Kindle (link). Previously, her works have appeared in such publications such as Page & Spine, The Literary Hatchet, Liquid Imagination, The Five-Two, and the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II.

To celebrate this release, we wanted to post two of our favorites from this selection of works, and we hope you like them, too:

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Love For Slaughter: Author Q&A


First, feel free to give a little background on yourself and your own written work.

I love horror, coffee, cats, and all things strange. February is Women in Horror month and I’m thrilled Love For Slaughter gets to be a part of that. It’s a collection of love gone wrong, too twisted in its obsessive want to soothe the ways a heart can ache. Dark Cupid comes out to play and to shoot his heart-shaped bullets into the blackest parts of love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Love For Slaughter

We are gearing up to release our first book of poetry. Here’s what Michael Arnzen (Stoker Award-winning author of Proverbs for Monsters and The Gorelets Omnibus) had to say about it:

“Sara Tantlinger has just sent a Valentine’s present to your funeral. Seduction is a slaughterhouse in “Love for Slaughter” — the first poetry book from this brilliantly evocative and subversively disturbing new horror writer — a woman dead set on beheading Cupid and reminding us all how weird love really is. From the charm of the corpse to the beauty of butchery, Tantlinger’s poems roil with dangerous desire and are relentlessly provocative — satanically sultry stuff that you won’t be able to stop reading.”

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Andrew J. Stone’s The Mortuary Monster

Brian Evenson calls The Mortuary Monster “An odd and provocative book, and a seriously audacious debut.”


We at Rooster Republic couldn’t agree more, so it’s our good fortune that we’re able to publish this tale, and we hope you enjoy it, too.

The easiest way to describe Andrew J. Stone’s debut novella is that “It’s CORPSE BRIDE meets ERASERHEAD” but it is also much more than that. It is the relationship of fathers to their sons, filtered through the prism of phantasmagorical, dark fantasy. The horrors don’t come about because of the character’s monstrous facades, but because of who they are inside.

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We’re back!

Long story short- 

Two guys create Strangehouse in 2012. It eventually is taken over by Rooster Republic Press. The owner of Rooster has to take care of another business and needs someone to step in.

So, one of the original creators and his esteemed colleague return to carry the torch. And we’ve come with a new logo, new fire, and a mission to bring SHB back as a darker, stronger monster.

Stay tuned.