4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House: Author Q&A

Madeleine Swann’s 4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House is now available in both print and Kindle (free on Kindle through Kindle Unlimited). This is Madeleine’s newest title, after her short story collection, The Filing Cabinet of Doom, her novella, Rainbows Suck, which was part of the Eraserhead Press “New Bizarro Author Series,” in 2015, and her entry in the New Kink line, Taken Hard at the Magical Time Travel Sex Resort.

If I were put on the spot, I’d describe Madeleine’s work as “malicious whimsy.” Her stories are fun, and usually contain heightened fantasy, but there is always a dark streak to the events as the stories unfold. If you read Rainbows Suck, then you know what I mean.

And 4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House follows that tradition.

Strangehouse Books is thrilled to have Madeleine on our growing roster of talented authors, and we hope you enjoy the book!

As is our ritual, we shall now dive into our author Q&A, and learn a little bit about this Madeleine Swann, including her favorite kind of pizza, which Mighty Boosh character she would choose to be, and what book inspired her love of writing…

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